A Historical Look at Hayal Perdesi Cinema Magazine

Hayal Perdesi cinema magazine started to be published as a fanzine in 2003 to
increase the literary experience of students who attended the cinema workshop
conducted within the scope of Science and Art Foundation in 2001. In the
workshop, it was aimed to evaluate each story from the perspective of the
audience and the director in two ways, so the students participating in the
workshop were encouraged not only to have a theoretical background but also to
do practical studies. Hayal Perdesi cinema magazine, fed by this infrastructure,
has become one of the long-running magazines of cinema writing after the 2000s.
It started its publication life as a fanzine with an amateur initiative, continued in
e-magazine format by keeping up with the conditions of the day. After a while, it
started to be published in print. In this article, these three periods of the magazine
will be mentioned, the historical journey of the journal will be examined by
making content analysis and bibliometric analysis based on the published issues.

Koray Sevindi
Makaleyi indir

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