Bibliography on the Problem of Evil and Theodicy in Turkish -an Analytical Evaluation-

It is a fact that bibliographic studies have a very important place in academic life.
The absence of any study on the problem of evil has been the main reason for the
emergence of this study. In this study, all the works written in Turkish about the
problem of evil in Turkey and theodicy were tried to be addressed. In this context,
the bibliography has been basically divided into three main topics and the works
have been classified according to these topics. The study focuses on copyright and
translation books in the first part, copyright and translation articles in the second
part, and master’s and doctoral theses in the third part. The books and articles
added to the bibliography have been evaluated in terms of fields such as
philosophy, literature, kalam, fiqh, tafsir, sociology, psychology etc. and tried to be
shown through graphics. Master’s and doctoral theses, on the other hand, have
been divided in terms of both faculties, departments and branches of science and
have been also presented in graphics. The main purpose of the study is both to
reveal the works that have been done so far on the problem of evil and theodicy,
and not to be repeated for the works to be done after that, and to provide
convenience to those who are thinking of working in this field. In this article,
which discusses studies in the academic field in particular, the works are classified
alphabetically in the order of their authors’ names.

Hakan Hemşinli
Makaleyi indir

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