An Investigation of Pandora’s Box Movie in the Context of Mikhail Bahtin’s Chronotope Concept

Throughout history of philosophy, time, and space concepts have been discussed with differences of opinions. The term Chronotope which is the idea of unity in time and space is introduced to the literature field by Bakhtin with the help of relativity theory. Referred Chronotope notion creates new research areas for new fiction types. Cinema is an art field dependent on the narrative genre like novels. Chronotope elements that Bakhtin explains conceptually, can be found in the cinema as well. In addition to that, Pandora’s Box movie as a genre have enough space to bring into view Bakhtin’s notion. All the “major” events begin on the road and events starting to occur during the protagonist’s journey. Protagonists discover themselves along the way and above all their change happens during the road. A protagonist on the road aware of the knowledge that it will no longer be the same. As the story goes along the road, time and space come together and become visible through the chronotope. New wave Turkish Cinema takes hero’s; journey, their individual loneliness, existence efforts, and characters of rural areas as a subject more often. In this study, with the help of selected Pandora's Box movie, we are focused on the character’s journey at the micro-level according to the clearly visible road theme. The chronotope notion will be examined carefully in the context themed this film which has been produced after 2000. Bakhtin’s identified chronotope thesaurus such as road-encounter, guest room - living room, castle (mansion, pavilion, villa), rural towns and chronotope thresholds, will be studied in the context of referring movie which is.

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