Development Process of Film Archives in Turkey and “TSA” Example

Film archiving had meant that the films were stored in a row until the 1960s in Turkey. In the modern sense, there were no institutions and organizations such as Cinematheque or film center. In 1959, after the fire in the warehouse, where the negative films were stored by the Municipality of Istanbul, it was recognized that storing movies in oneplace is not enough to protect and archive of them. In the mid-1960s, Türk Sinematek Derneği (Turkish Cinematheque Association) and Türk Film Arşivi (Turkish Film Archive) were established. Along with the activities of these two competing institutions, film archiving studies in the Western sense have also started. In the 2000s, the spread of the internet enabled digital archives to emerge. Private organizations, universities, museums, and government has contributed to the advancement of the overall archive studies in Turkey, and played a leading role in this area. In this context, Türk Sineması Araştırmaları Merkezi was established as a result of thew hole process in 2014. In addition to the physical archive, the center started a significant digital archive and database project within an academic and innovative approach. The studies of the center those were opened tousers through the website a real so crucial in terms of identifying the progress of the film archives in Turkey, and problems experienced in archival studies.

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