The Director Looking for His “Exemplary Reader”: Ahmet Ulucay

This work is an introduction article about Ahmet Ulucay, who left behind compositions that would guide Turkish cinema and revealed the core signs of his mastery in his short films rather than his feature film. Ulucay is either in his own narrative with the imagination made from the fertile mortar of the pure, virgin inner world, which does not fit into any form, or he is in another narrative by reading/watching ceaselessly almost he was re-fictionalizing with his writer/director. Ulucay's life story can easily be evaluated as a narrative like his movies. In this study, it will be mentioned that Ahmet Ulucay's extraordinary life story overshadowed the narrative reflected by his films and his short films were not sufficiently studied which can be considered as miniatures of his feature films, precisely for this reason he was not positioned as he deserves in the post-90s Turkish cinema based on the concepts of "empirical reader" and "exemplary reader" by Umberto Eco. In addition, a study of bibliography of Ahmet Ulucay and based on the corpus of his filmography will be included along with the filmography of the director.

Ayşe Pay
Makaleyi indir

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