Overview of the National Cinema Literature in Turkey: A Bibliographical Study

The concept of national cinema tries to frame all film practices produced in an independent country, whose boundaries have been accepted by international treaties, around certain historical and aesthetic criteria and trends. National cinema literature includes to grasp the cinema of a particular country within world cinema and to understand it in historical context. Nonethless, in the Turkish written and translated works, it is seen that the concept of national cinema is considered through a distinction such as West and "others". The study aims to offer the descriptive statistical data of the non-periodical publications including graduate theses, written and translated books in Turkey. In the study, the change and frequency of the country's cinema perceptions encountered in the category of Western and others are put forward. The data of the academic studies are shown according to the year, university, consultant and the cinema of the country examined, while the data of the books are presented only by year and the particular country. According to content examinations, it is seen that, as a reflection of Eurocentrism, writers approach the national cinema through the distinction of West and others. In the Western cinema category, the most common national cinema studied is Hollywood, while in the category of others, Iranian cinema is the most frequently scrutinized.

Yusuf Ziya Gökçek
Makaleyi indir

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