An Evaluation on Animated Cinema Studies in Turkey

Abstract Animation is based upon the principle that is organized to produce the illusion of objects and pictures using the persistance of vision. The idea of recording the animations which are produced via technological equipments and various discoveries is seen as the biggest efforts since the first periods. The development in the animation cinema has shown a increase of technological progresses. In the beginning of 20th Century, Georges Méliès’s use of stop trick named as cinema tricks in his movies has started the process of producing first animation movies via stop motion technique. This technique is regarded as one of the most popular methods used via digital technology in today’s animation movies. Countries from 1914 in which transparent film layer was invented until today’s 3D computer technology have produced animation movies through either current technology and productions or techniques related to their cultures. This process in Turkey began with caricature artists who are influenced by Walt Disney animations and their productions of advertising animations for the cinema. From the 1970s in which there were scarce governmental supports on television broadcasting and an increase in the activities of festivals and competitions to 1990s, this process has enabled original animation film productions in various fields to be produced. With the development of digital technology in 1990s, while foreign 3D animation productions increased, as TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) withdrew its support, the animation film production has seen its most stable period. In 2008 with the beginning of broadcast of TRT Kids, the increase in number of production companies and private institutions, the laws and regulations of government about animation production, today animation cinema is proceeding progressively. The domestic works of this field which have began to be displayed in cinemas since nearly the last decade are quite limited. In this study, first of all, the historical development of animation cinema will be touched on with examples of Turkey and then the animation cinema and the literature in Turkey will be explained thoroughly.

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