Historiography of Turkish Law

History of Turkish law is (a discipline that involves) the study of legal rules and institutions created by the Turks since the beginning of their history. For this reason, it studies a large span of time and a vast geographical space. Due to this time-space dimension, the Turks have adapted different religious-legal identities, which is reflected in the history of Turkish law. In this context, this history can be divided in to three periods: the period of pre Islamic law and of Islamic law and the period under the impact of Western law. Each period has its own characteristics, and thus studies on each era have their own problems. It is only at the beginnig of the 20th century that the study the history of Turkish law emerged in the Turkish academia. Today, it is increasingly studied by the scholars of law history, theology and economic history. However, despite this existing interest in this area, it is still under-studied and needs the attention of social scientists.


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