A Bibliography for Urban History: Van

The most important feature of the Anatolian cities is their existence with a quite long history. Van, located in the Eastern part of Anatolia, is also one of the such cities, and had been ground for so many civilizations throughout the history. One of the most striking of those ones was the ancient Urartian Kingdom which found in the ninth century of B.C. and used the place for their state's capital then known Tushpa. During the Ottoman period, since it was in border of Iran, the disputed neighbor, it used to have a strategic importance. As for the near past, it came up with the Armenian conflicts. The works like books, articles, symposiums and thesis on Van primarily involved in Urartian period art and archeological issues while the Armenian matters, during the reign of the Ottoman State, secondly made up most of the available literature on the city. Large amount information about Van accumulated on these two issues especially.


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