Studies of Antakya and its Environment

When examining the physical, administrative and socio-economic situation of a region or city, it is not possible to handle the country where that region or city is connected to separate from the administrative and socio-economic conditions it is in. Spread on a large area and containing rather various cultures, although the basis of Ottoman Empire is the central authority of the state, it is common knowledge that almost all cities or subdivisions had their own unique forms of management and even the structure of each city or subdivision hard some differences. Studies made on the city reflect the history, culture, and social life of that city and are also important in regards to the fact that they show the characteristics of a culture's nation varying from one region to the other, which the city Antakya, the subjet of this study, is an example of. In this study, we will touch on the studies conducted so far in addition to the information on where the researchers who will conduct studies on city history should refer. Moreover, we will try to shed light on future studies adding a critical method of thinking to the studies conducted.


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