A Review on The Children's Literature Studies

Children's literature covers all qualified and literary texts prepared in accordance with the children's experiences, interests, needs, developments and their levels of perception from the age of two until the adolescence. Puzzles, limmericks, epics, legends, tales, poems, stories, memoirs, biographies, letters, novels, essays, articles, journeys and conversational writings, theatre, newpapers and journals all take their place among these texts. The rise of Children's Literature in Turkey coincides with the Tanzimat period during which the first works on general education also emerged. The beginning of strict studies on the subject can be dated as following the establishment of the Republic. Growing importance was attributed to the children's literature in our country after the declaration of the year 1979 as the “World Children's Year.” This was also when the related studies were extended to the academic platforms. It is a fact that the emergence of children's literature was a rather late phenomenon in Turkey. However, as in all other countries, the child constitutes a central place in terms of being the inheritors of our societies. As a reflection of this attributed significance, the perspective of given societies to children as well as any matter related to them have made it to the literary works produced in every era.


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