Course Books on Literature from Tanzimat until Republic

In this study, we tried to examine the instruction of Turkish literature and its development between the Tanzimat and the Republican eras (1839-1923) in an effort to shed light on our history of literature. First, we classified the course books on Turkish Literature that were instructed in the schools of the period in terms of how they corresponded to the grade levels of rüşdiye, idadi-sultânî and yüksek okul. Then, we periodized them in a chronological order. Afterwards, we tried to give information about the contents in their respective order. In the meantime, we attempted to expand further on those books entitled as or specifically dealing with the history of literature. We also summarized the general curriculum of literature instruction at the end of the sections of rüşdiye, idadi and yüksek okul. In this framework, we tried to deal with the development of the history of literature within the instruction of Turkish literature in addition to pointing at its sources (1839-1923). Consequently, we provided the bibliography of course books of Turkish Literature.


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