Comparative Literature

The literary work, born out of the national culture, is enriched by the geography, civilization and cultural elements that the writer meets along the duration of his reading and writing. The comparative literature examines the intercultural influences on the literary works and aims to illuminate the transformation of the literary, social and cultural history. The research methods of the comparative literature are transformed and pluralized by the methods and focus of the society, literature and mankind, which are currently analyzed in the light of concepts like globalization and multiculturalism. The important subtitles of this field comparise of translations, adaptations, influences, studies of images and types, the reading cultures of the authors, their relations with different cultures and literatures and the interaction between the national cultures and the foreign sources. This article aims to introduce the definitions, methods, problems and the development of the comparative literature around the world and also to deal with its development and problems in the Turkish context through a selected bibliography.


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