Mehmet Kaplan: A Founder of Literature Discipline

Nihad Sâmi Banarlı (1907-1974) is one of the most prominent teachers and historians of literature as well as one of the writers of the Republican era. He produced several high school course books, works on Yahya Kemal as well as academic, literary and ideological articles published in periodicals and newspapers. He is also the author of the definitive book Pictorial History of the Turkish Literature. Throughout his life, he worked strenuously to teach national values to his students and wide array of readers with a national consciousness. Since he examined his core subject, namely Turkish language and literature on historical, sociological and aesthetical grounds, he also exerted emphasis on history, religion, mysticism, architecture and music. With his vast experience in teaching, he believed that the correct information in education should be conveyed to students in an appealing and stimulating fashion. For this reason, he paid special attention to his language and style. Especially in his articles for periodicals and newspapers, he resorted to a style that was sometimes enriched with significant quotes from some texts in Turkish literature and sometimes infused with romantic statements.


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