The Institute of Turcology at Istanbul University

The Turcology Institute was established as a part of the “Darül Fünun” with the aim of conducting research on the sciences related to turcology following the orders of Atatürk after the formation of the Turkish Republic. Köprülüzade Mehmed Fuad Bey, who at the time was a lecturer at the faculty of letters at the Istanbul Darul Fünun, was appointed as the director of the Institute. A scientific journal under the title, Türkiyat Mecmuası (Turcology Magazine), was published as its main publication organ. Reaching twenty volumes in between 1925 and 1997, this journal contained invaluable research on Turkish language, literature, history and other subjects related to Turcology. The introduction of this work briefly introduces the Turcology Magazine. The core analysis examines the articles published in the field of the New Turkish Literature (from 1839 until now). After their identification, brief information is provided regarding their content. Moreover, a list of the titles of important articles in the periodical written in other fields has also been added. Finally, there are the names of all researchers who participated in the periodical ever since its first issue.


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