Works on Aesthetics in the Divan Literature

This bibliographical study includes, among others, primarily those works which revolve around the main theme of the “Aesthetics of Divan literature”. The article is based on works which have treated the Divan poetry and aesthetic concepts as their headings. Studies on the understanding of art in Divan literature, belagat (rhetoric), mazmun (indirect artful remark), the poetic perceptions of poets and their evaluations of other poets have been integrated into the bibliography, while some specialized studies on vezin (ryhthm), kafiye (rhyme), patterns of nazım (verse), literary arts, aruz (prosody), seci (rhymed prose), tools of harmony and vocalization of poetry have been excluded so as not to exceed the boundaries of the article. Through the included works, it can be observed that the understanding of “Aesthetics of Divan literature” is not homogeneous, since it is the interpretation of an art emerging in the 14th century by a discipline which has entered Turkey in the 20th century. The first example of Divan publications, in this context, occurred only in the 1970s. It also needs to be noted that this bibliographical study holds no claim to a complete list.


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